Why your business needs a website

A website might sound old school but let’s be honest you are here right now scrolling on ours so they must be important!

Here is a few reasons why your business needs a website!

Social media is a great opportunity to introduce your brand, your business, and your vision. Essentially it is the handshake to your company, however that is exactly what it is. It is the introduction and a free piece of advertisement that can get your clients a foot in the door. The problem with only having social media is that you do not own it. You don’t own your followers or the platform, so if one day the system crashes or instagram, twitter, tik tok decided to quit you would have no other way to communicate and connect with your audiences.

Another benefit from having a homepage is the power of SEO! Search Engine Optimization is an amazing tool that the internet uses to create traffic flow to your website through organic searching by means of keywords, content creation, and link building! So when someone googles something on the web and you have “keywords” of what they are interested in your website is bound to come up on the search engine. The more traffic you get the more frequent your website &/or business is going to come up.

Credibility is something that a lot of small business owners strive for especially when they are going up against other entrepreneurs and larger companies. Chances are there are a lot of people within your industry; a website is another way that allows you to stand out from the others. It can showcase a higher level which means an increase in cost services & also gives you the opportunity to clearly state the who, why, and what you give to potential clients!

Bottom line is get yourself a website; it doesn’t have to be something crazy expensive or extravagant… those are websites to build yourself up to. But creating a landing page will go a long way for you and your business.

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