Life looked very different eight years ago; I had just wrapped up my bachelors degree & was vigorously applying to different physical therapy schools around the country. With a change in heart I left my cozy stable future and embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship. I turned my tiny photography hobby into the business of my dreams. 

consultant, photographer, educator, podcaster & Speaker

My name is Hannah but you can call me Han!

Hey there

Creating the space for leaders to step into their full potential. 

what I am all about is...

Nothing lights me up more than helping entrepreneurs unlock their full potential so they can create the life they want. If I can be that permission slip for someone to charge forward and thrive in life and business... Consider me your consultant for life.

The hustle game was great... but the burnout wasn't. I help create sustainable growth from the start

This venture of mine wasn't by accident; it was something that called to me every time someone would ask me a question about business. It is this underlying passion to watch humans succeed. 

" human spirit like a campfire, has to be lit everyday... "

currently.... I am planning a wedding, helping my fiance through medical school, & plucking the white hairs off my clothes from my willow girl

I have always valued "the hustle". I achieved it through my adolescent years as a three sport athlete & continued along the same path during college; working full time as a student and employee. In 2017, I graduated with my Bachelors but quickly changed paths to follow my dreams of becoming a full time wedding photographer. 

Over the years, my business as grow and expanded beyond photography. It has been an honor to stand by women in business & help them build the foundation to their endeavor's. 

My story 

My main squeeze Steve is my everything. He is the air I breathe & yep I am the sappy person who fully believes that we are soulmates.  

My honey

I am that weirdo who will introduce herself to your dog before you. Sorry not sorry. I love puppies. Currently I am a parent to a Wirehaired pointer & we named her Willow Grace.


My bucket list is to adventure all over the U.S. before totally heading out of the country! My favorite spot so far is Yosemite! El Cap you are glorious!

Travel Bug

I love my country; growing up with a dad in the military and his constant ventures overseas to fight for our freedom does something to you as a kid. I stand tall for the red, white, and blue.


Give me a bottle of Coca Cola all day and I will be your best friend! Although I am cutting back on my suga intake, you'll most likely find me with a decaf iced coffee.


Oh yes! I used to consider myself having a palate of a fourth grader, but recently I have become a foodie! Favorite food I have tried so far; Acre in Baja Sur! 


I am an open book, so consider this han's shelf life that you get to browse and peek inside.

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I am ready

For those that are looking for something more.

Mindset & Business Consultant