Embody is more than just a space; it's a sanctuary dedicated to the art of slowing down and nurturing mindfulness. Here, we seamlessly blend somatic movement with guided meditation, creating a holistic experience aimed at alleviating stress, fostering a deeper connection within our bodies, and enhancing our comprehension of the workings of the mind.

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Stress reduction through yin yoga & guided meditation

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Being successful doesn't mean you have to compromise yourself to get there. I have done this firsthand, I grasped the overwhelming nature of entrepreneurship. I hustled, I pushed, until I hit my breaking point. After years of learning, doing, and leading, I have made it my life's goal in assisting high-achievers in rediscovering clarity, calmness, and happiness through mindfulness.

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Flow and Release is our signature series : a combination of Yin Yoga and guided meditation to reconnect with your body, mind, & system.

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We round our each session with guided meditation and breathing meditations. This allows the body to rest & find calmness.


I bring insight into one's thoughts, feelings, physiology, and the surrounding environment to reduce stress, while promoting a sense of calm and clarity.


I work one on one with my clients to reconnect with their body to settle the mind. We realign & release.


Each session will have a Yin Yoga style of movement, targeting connective tissues to release blockages within the body.


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What can I say, I am a sucker for all things wellness! This is where I write out everything that I am experiencing in real time. From healthy recipes, guided meditations, to my favorite workout apparel, the latest obsessions, and recent podcast episodes that are all about real conversations.


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Mindfulness at your fingertips from the comfort of your own home or office. 



I got the opportunity to work with Hannah in a mindfulness capacity. Hannah helped me come back to myself in sweet, simple, and non judge mental ways during a time where I was navigating the most intense burnout of my life. Alongside her I’ve realized that burnout does not have to be an endless cycle or a default setting as a busy person and entrepreneur. After working with Hannah I feel equipped and confident with a more steady foundation of mindfulness basics and a more forgiving, gentle way of treating myself as I navigate forward. It has been so great to see her passion for this work adjust and adapt and it’s just a special thing to see a creative step into a path that just aligns with their heart and soul. 



I am super grateful for Hannah and the program that she crated for her business that is going to help me through this season of healing. Today I had a pretty intense session with releasing some emotions that I didn't realize were there. I am already feeling lighter and have more clarity on some parts of my life.

If you need help with stress, overcoming trauma, reach out to her. You won't regret working with her and taking time for you.



Working with Han took my business from a heart focused, yet somewhat chaotic, offering to a well oiled machine built to sustainably grow as I do. Her knowledge of systems is impressive yet her ability to manipulate them to fit my individual needs was truly incredible. I can't say enough good things about our season working together and the growth I experienced professionally and personally. Hiring Han was a wildly good decision, I made back my investment before we even finished working together.



I gained more than I could ever imagine in a short amount of time. I was struggling in my profession and had lost all of my confidence before coming to Han. She challenged me to dive deep, shift my mindset in little ways that had large impacts, helped me find clarity, and helped me gain confidence. She asks the best questions and radiates the best energy. I am so grateful for the leadership and mindset skills she has given me. I can’t recommend her enough!"



Han is an amazing & personable business coach! I had been sitting on this idea & dream of starting up my own business for years. I finally decided to invest in some business coaching with Han. She helped me get my business up and running in a practical, effective way in just 6 weeks! I loved that we created “agreements” & actionable steps each week to get me headed toward my goals.



Words just aren’t enough for how grateful I am and how amazing Hannah is! I would not have been able to launch my business without her. She is so helpful with breaking the process down so it’s not overwhelming and also coaching you through fears and other road blocks. She simplifies the process so you can get out of your own way and create what you love! Hannah creates a safe environment so you feel comfortable asking questions and reaching. She truly provides the support everyone hopes for when taking a dream and turning it into reality!

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