Be Brave Enough to Be Different

How many of you constantly find yourself looking at someone else’s social media & comparing yourself to that person. Or constantly looking at a “successful” boss babe and feel that the only way to be successful is by doing them…. Yeah I feel like every boss babe out there as experienced this, I know I sure as hell have! But it stops right here and right now!


First off there is only one HER and there is only ONE you! So for sure admire her from afar but stop comparing yourself to her because let me tell you something. YOU ACTUALLY HAVE NO FLIPPIN CLUE WHAT HER LIFE IS ACTUALLY LIKE! Lets be real here for a second, not a highlight reel…. Most peeps only but up the good stuff on social media, rarely will you find the women out there that is putting up that her relationship is hard AF, or sure she is busy as hell answering emails but who says that she is successful! So stop trying to be her because in reality you don’t know everything that is going on behind closed doors!


Now that we have come to realization that we actually don’t know everything that is going on behind closed doors we can actually start focusing on ourselves. So remember when you were younger & your teacher would say keep your eyes on your own paper. HEYOOO same rules apply sis! Starting building up yourself and being you to the fullest because you are frickin awesome! Wanna know how I know that… because you are here! And right now you are pursuing the action to better yourself and do some self development which is more than many others who are scrolling on insta and trying to be someone else!





You have read that same saying multiple times on this post and you will read it again because I want you to just soak it up!!! As women and business women we have this uncontrollable need to want to please people and our consumers; and yes it is our job to make sure we give their life value (but that is another topic for a different day) But I remember my aunt said something to be so profound a couple months ago… I was just out of my mind crippled with the fact that this girl who was in my same field didn’t like me… I would go above and beyond to try to just make her like me, buy gifts, be over the top with my energy to try to match hers… needless to say I was frickin exhausted. I was talking with my aunt who is brutally honest which I respect the hell out of; and she goes, ” hey Hannah so do you like everyone you have ever met, and my response was a quick psssh oh gosh no…” & she said, “So why do you get to not like someone but someone can not like you?!” AND IT JUST HIT ME!!!

I am not going to be everybody’s cup of tea; like I am sure that I have lost people during this blog post right now because they don’t vibe with me… and ya know what that is 100 percent okay with me, because I would rather have the peeps who vibe with me and fill their cup than trying to be someone who I am not and try to fill everyone’s cup…


So right here right now I want to challenge you to show up and be you! Show up in your messy ass hair, coffee stains on your yoga pants and give your peeps value. Maybe you show up with makeup on and jeans on because thats just YOU & you feel yourself when you are actually ready! WHOEVER you really are! I want you to show up, & show up again, and then show up again!!!

You can do this sis; you are frickin amazing and its time for the world to see it!

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