After nearly 10 years of being in business I am sharing all my tools and tips to help you create a successful business! These are programs that will help with workflow, client communication, taxes, social media... pretty much everything! 

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Welcome to the land of discount codes. Starting a business is expensive I get it, that is why I am sharing with you my favorite products along with discount codes, so you can enjoy these programs at a cheaper cost! Enjoy!

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Tell me about the educational resource - what does it cover, who is it for, what did you love about it.  If you're an affiliate, this is also a great place to include your affiliate information. Chocolate cake bonbon pudding tootsie roll caramels cupcake croissant sugar plum biscuit. Jelly beans gingerbread cupcake dessert cheesecake powder lollipop. Sesame snaps icing jujubes bonbon candy chupa chups caramels toffee cookie.

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I am always looking for amazing educational resources to further my knowledge about "your service and offering".  Here are some great classes I’ve taken that I loved and highly recommend!

Not your average blog

bj fogg

glennon doyle

martin selgamn

stephen mcgee

brene brown

steve chandler

knowledge is power my friends; These are the books that are currently on my bookshelf that I turn to when I need guidance, help, inspiration

My Favorite Books

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Welcome to AITNH; a weekly podcast with hosts Han Martini & Anna Chatelle two success coaches. 

Aligned Is The New Hustle

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This is a great section for a category of products you love - maybe there are three awesome companies that have products that help you run an aspect of your business, or three companies that help you serve your clients better - like your 3 favorite hair and make-up artists for brand shoots.  This is a great spot to sum up why you love them and why they're so awesome.

Educational Events 

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Welcome to my exclusive business masterminds! This is a six week program to line out the nuts and bolts that you need to create a sustainable business plan & launch it with confidence. Not sure where to start... I can help with that.

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