Befriending Your Nervous System With Lauren

In the world of trauma recovery and nervous system regulation, there is a guiding light that has emerged, offering solace and hope to those who have experienced life’s most challenging moments. Meet Lauren Cestero, a compassionate and dedicated woman who specializes in helping the helpers of our community, navigate the often tumultuous journey toward joy. Today I wanted to highlight Lauren’s world, exploring her unique approach to trauma recovery and the elegant brand identity that captures her essence.

The Elegance of Simplicity: A Branding Photoshoot

In my recent collaboration with Lauren Cestero, we embarked on a creative journey to capture the essence of her work. Our vision was clear from the start: to create a visual identity that reflects the simplicity, elegance, and profound impact of her trauma recovery practice.

From the very first frame, it was evident that this photoshoot would be nothing short of transformative. Lauren’s presence exudes calm and compassion, making every shot an opportunity to convey her mission: helping individuals reclaim their lives.

Grounding and Ceremony

Lauren’s work is rooted in the principles of grounding and ceremony, and our photoshoot sought to reflect this foundational aspect of her practice. We carefully curated settings that conveyed the importance of grounding techniques, bringing a sense of stability and security to those who have experienced trauma.

Through my lens, we captured the sacred moments of ceremony that Lauren facilitates for her clients that want it. Whether it’s a simple ritual or a more elaborate celebration of progress, these ceremonies serve as powerful milestones on the path, and Lauren’s ability to create a safe space for these transformative experiences is nothing short of remarkable.

The Joyful Reclamation of Life

One of the most inspiring aspects of Lauren’s work is her unwavering commitment to helping her clients find joy once more. In our photoshoot, we aimed to capture the moments of genuine happiness and connection that emerge when individuals find the light.

A Symbol of Dedication

Perhaps the most poignant moment of our photoshoot was the final few frames, where we highlighted Lauren’s willingness to go into the trenches with her clients. The symbol of dirt on her hands encapsulates the depth of her commitment and the hands-on approach she takes to trauma recovery.

This idea emerged during our creation session, and it beautifully encapsulates the essence of Lauren’s work. It’s a powerful visual representation of her dedication to walking alongside her clients every step of the way.

Lauren Cestero,

Working side by side with this extraordinary woman has left a truly lasting impact. I was truly honored to be a part of capturing her esense and her business.

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