Don’t Want To Save Your Receipts… I Got you

Did you know that your bank statement doesn’t count as a record for your receipts to the IRS?

Yeah I didn’t either when I first started my business, but hearing my accountant say those words literally shock me to my core. How was I going to keep track of all my receipts especially now that everything is through Square, Zelle, Venmo… not to mention I am not one who wants to print everything out. Trying to save the planet and not be wasteful.

I found the perfect trick to keeping track of all my business receipts online & in one place!

Get yourself a business email that is literally only for your receipts! Yep you read that right… I created a gmail just for all my business expenses as well as linked it to my business CC so that way anytime I buy a coffee, & use Square or subscribe to anything it automatically sends to that particular email!

I have everything in one place! The other aspect that I love about gmail is the folders you can create within a gmail account so I can organize the receipts into different categories… ex: subscription, meals etc.

Hope this helps!

xo, Han

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