How to “overcome” Fear

Fear is something that every human has experienced in their life. Why? Because it comes from something that we all have; Amygdala is grey matter in our brain that creates the sensation of fear. Some call it our lizard brain because it is animalistic… All it is trying to do is survive and keep us alive.

So where lies the problem… Well this lizard brain only sees in black and white. It doesn’t understand the difference between a life or death situation, and a situation that can create growth… All it FEELS is attention, change, uncertainty, and struggle. This combination of feelings are what drives the choices we make every single day. Let’s take the simple choice of, ” I am going to eat healthy tonight.” Then after a nine hour work day you are driving home exhausted and you are passing by the golden arches (Mcdonalds). Struggle enters your brain and before you know it you are chowing down on fried food and drinking a 32oz soda instead of making the choice of going to the store, getting your healthy food and making dinner.

The question I want you to ask yourself is this, “What has fear robbed you of?”

Maybe it was a job opportunity that you didn’t apply for because you were afraid you weren’t good enough. A question you got wrong on a test because you were too afraid to ask the question in class.

Fear has robbed you from opportunities to GROW

So then you might be asking yourself, how can I overcome fear? How can I become fearless?

The answer is simple: that is the wrong question… rather than killing fear try dancing with it.

I want you to think back at what fear makes you feel: attention, struggle, change, and uncertainty without those you will never experience growth. When you dance with the lizard brain aka fear you also experience bravery, boldness, power! When you try to kill fear two things happen; one you are telling yourself no don’t feel this, don’t experience this, don’t grow here… but because fear is part of our human nature and we aren’t “supposed” to feel it, it can also create shame.

My favorite part of the book, BIG MAGIC is welcoming fear in your car but making it sit in the back seat. You are the driver of your life.

Here is your permission to dance with fear.

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