This Habit is Sabotaging Your Self Love Practice

You hear all over the health & wellness world why self love is important. You do the work, practice the things,change your self talk, and  learn to love yourself more openly. Yet, this one habit is subtly sabotaging your self love practice-and it is stressing you out more than you realize. 

And that is leaving your physical environment a mess.

Every time you walk in your front door to that big pile of clutter, you get that “yuck” feeling. You feel stressed, annoyed, maybe panicked, so you ignore it. (Annnd now is the point in the blog when you’re yelling HEY YOU DON’T KNOW ME in defense and wanting to slam your laptop shut). Or maybe there’s that unfinished project in your space that haunts you every time you look at it, causing  you to feel lazy or not creative. Paying attention to your physical environment when talking about self love is a MUST because your external landscape needs to reflect the internal. And quite honestly, you’re not going to be able to love yourself if your body is constantly stressed, even subtly, not allowing you to fully relax and recharge in your environment. 

If you are creating or occupying a physical space that brings you any feelings of distress-no matter how small- you are sabotaging your self love practice.

The good news is-there are more than a few ways to tackle this!

Start small-pick a small space (maybe one that you see first thing when arriving home, or what you see from your couch) and clean it up. Do this 2-3 times a week for one month, and see how your body responds. 

Divide your space up by room and tackle one room at a time. 

Turn on music, light a candle, keep your vibe up while you do this so it doesn’t feel like work!

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