How to create sustainable change

We all know how it feels when you first start a project. Excitement and motivation run high, it seems like nothing will stop us from finishing it or making the goal. And then, we drop off. We start to beat ourselves up with negative self talk, bombard ourselves with excuses, and play the same old tape over and over again. “I always do this” “I wish I could be more like so and so, she gets so much done”.  How can we learn to create change that we can actually sustain, and habits that we can keep?

We have to break it down into bite size pieces. When it comes to the formation of habits, our brains are not wired to quickly create and sustain change. So, set yourself up for success by dividing your task or goal into sections, and allow your body to practice the steps while your mind learns that it is doable. When we learn that something is doable, it becomes a habit much more easily. 

Be realistic, give yourself permission to go slowly, and take it one step at a time.

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