3 Ways to Add Value to Your Calendar

3 Ways to Add Value to Your Calendar

It sounds like a no brainer, to create time around what we truly value most. 

But when it comes to the calendar, more often than not we schedule our time away without much thought about our values. The result? Burn out. Resentment. Lack of motivation. 

Taking the time to evaluate our core values can be hugely important-it brings clarity to what matters most, and insight around what we need to spend time on to be fulfilled. 

Instead of simply using your calendar to schedule your unmarked blocks of time for the unmeaningful things that come up, bring some intention to your time by trying these tricks. We bet you will feel less drained by the end of the month.

  1. Get clear on your top 5 values. What are the things that mean the most to you? Family? Learning? Alone time? Adventure? Quiet time? Friends? A hobby? Your connection to God, source, spirit? Brainstorm away until you arrive at your top 5.
  2. Decide on three values that you want to add into your calendar, and create some intentional time around them. By intentional, I mean, don’t just “fit it in” between appointments. Ask yourself, “What do I really need to do to get this time and make it count?” There may be some prep work involved in getting the time you need. Schedule a few blocks of time (bonus points if you color code) for these values.
  3. Stick to it! Do not erase these time slots if something else comes up. If you absolutely must change something, move the event over to another day. Do NOT disregard the value in this-you won’t regret it.

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