Branding 101

I remember when I starter this business about 4 years ago and I thought I would just pick up a camera and my bizz would take off from there. But the more I dove down into what it takes to run a success business, the more I realized that there was much more than just the “talent”.

One of the biggest takeaways that has defined my business is developing a strong brand. Without it I wouldn’t be able to say that I went from having 3 weddings to booking 25 within two months of launching my new brand. If you are struggling with booking your ideal clients I encourage ya to keep reading about branding!

Why is branding so important

You can never take back a first impression, when someone comes to your instagram, website, blog & they see your “brand” aka you for the first time it can kinda be a make or break. It allows someone to think okay am I gonna jazz with this girl or not. So if we have done our job right it allows for those ideal clients to come in and push away those that wouldn’t vibe with us. All in all this saves both potential clients time as well as our own!

Gaining trust

There is that famous saying; “If someone likes you they will listen to you, but if someone trusts you they will buy from you. How do we build trust?!


Think about it; if you get your hair done by someone who completely messes it up and then tells you, you need to buy a certain product chances are you aren’t going to buy from them. But if you go to another hair dresser and she constantly does an amazing job every time & then she offers you a product that will help your hair. You are far more likely to buy from her because you have gained that trust towards her. The same goes for any other business!

So when you are working on your website or instagram or blog it all should be an extension of the other.

Stop chasing titles

A lot of the times as entrepreneurs we are chasing a title but you and everyone else is doing the same thing. To make sure you are sticking to your own personal brand or what I like to call feeds your soul; FOCUS on what your purpose is!

So write down what your “job title” is but then I want you to think about what your purpose is that makes you connect to that title. You may find that it will help you see who exactly your ideal client is!

Ideal client

Your ideal client is the one you can’t live without! The client that makes you scream and do a lil happy dance. But to know exactly who that is; get down and to the nitty gritty of what he/she looks like! Think about things like how are they? What are their favorite hobbies? What music do they listen to?


Remember story branding is essentially celebrating you! It’s about putting together little elements of yourself out there for people to connect with.

They can be something simple as your love for coffee. Your puppy who is legit the cutest. The fact that you love to be outside. Your obsession with The Office.

All of these elements are points where people can connect with you! 

Keep kickin’ butt and elevating your bizz

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